2017 Teams

Who’s competing in this year’s Fall Classic


# Captain City, Prov. Partner City, Prov Sponsors
1 Jerry Woods Balmertown, ON Dar Woods Balmertown, ON Red Lake Marine/LUND Boats
2 Brandon Kamm Fort Frances, ON Curtis Kamm Fort Frances, ON Red Lake Marine
3 Jason LeBlanc Red Lake, ON Tim Szaflik Red Lake, ON Medicine Stone Resort
4 Clint Steele Red Lake, ON Vaughn Doyle Balmertown, ON Ardent Reels & Amphibia Outdoors/Eyewear
5 Darryl Hazelwood Grand Marais, MB Corey Hell Minaki, ON
6 Mark Vermette Red Lake, ON Mike St. Vincent Red Lake, ON Cousins Ltd. Team Banjo Fishing
7 Richard Cameron Red Lake, ON Ron Parks Red Lake, ON
8 Gabriel Jette Balmertown, ON Shirley Jette Balmertown, ON
9 Mitch Brisson Red Lake, ON Guy Vermette Winnipeg, MB
10 Mike Blimke Red Lake, ON Phil Parsons Red Lake, ON
11 Darren Wrolstad Waldof, ON Keith Wrolstad Waldof, ON
12 Jeremy McCullough Cochenour, ON Cody Brown Winnipeg, MB McCullough’s Carpentry Limited
13 Haley Anderson Red Lake, ON Nicole Spence Red Lake, ON Anderson Electric, Red Lake Marine
14 Phil Krohn Sydney NE, USA Kyle Krohn Bovey, MN USA Eagle Falls Lodge
15 Frank Lombardo Thunder Bay, ON Scott Abraham Thunder Bay, ON
16 Steve Toman Red Lake, ON Ryan Roberts Dryden, ON
17 Colin Knudsen Red Lake, ON Karl Knudsen Dryden, ON Hamilton’s Plumbing and Heating
18 Ralf Fischer Red Lake, ON Andrea Fischer Red Lake, ON Chukuni RV Tent & Campground
19 Ian Cooke Red Lake, ON Jeff Imrie Red Lake, ON Five Lakes Lodge
20 Don Gignac Red Lake, ON Lorne Kraft Thunder Bay, ON Team Banjo Fishing
21 Frank Grunewald Red Lake, ON Frank McWhinnie Balmertown, ON Red Lake Marine
22 Jerry Derouard Kenora, ON Jeremy Derouard Kenora, ON Neniska Repair, Halley’s Camps, Bounty Baits, Charlebois Baits
23 Jerrick Ash Cochenour, ON Don Briscoe Cochenour, ON
24 Dale Levesque Thunder Bay, ON John Kostick Thunder Bay, ON
25 Jerry Derouard Kenora, ON Nathan Herbert Red Lake, ON
26 Travis Wood Balmertown, ON Sarah Wood Balmertown, ON
27 Vito Masi Red Lake, ON Dario Luksic Red Lake, ON
28 Lee Wright Red Lake, ON Mac Ewen Balmertown, ON Wright’s Wilderness Camp
29 Donald Yurkiw Dryden, ON Brant Ledoux Dryden, ON BDO Canada
30 Mike Labbe Red Lake, ON Skyler Desserre Red Lake, ON
31 Cody Jeffries Red Lake, ON Heather Jeffries Red Lake, ON
32 Corey Grenier Ear Falls, ON Jamie Pelaia Ear Falls, ON
33 Terry Feriancek Coon Rapids, MN, USA Pat Wagner Red Lake, ON
34 Chris Oakes Balmertown, ON Rob Melanson Balmertown, ON Belterra, Woodlake Marine
35 Harry Sawchuk Ear Falls, ON Richard Madussi Kenora, ON
36 Dean McDonald Dryden, ON TBD
37 Cory Roulston Dryden, ON Scott Roulston Dryden, ON Alumacraft, Route Lake Lodge, Enigma Rods,

Amphibia Sunglasses

38 Andy Colla Thunder Bay, ON Dan Daciw Thunder Bay, ON Badanai Motors
39 Jack McLaughlin Winnipeg, MB John Paryniuk Winnipeg, MB
40 Robert Keeper Red Lake, ON Kandi-Lee Keeper Red Lake, ON
41 Andrew Johnston Red Lake, ON Ray Wilkins Balmertown, ON
42 Amber Adams Balmertown, ON Lorne Wood Red Lake, ON
43 Larry Meadows Dryden, ON John Butts Dryden, ON KMG Fisher Boats
44 Dan LeBlanc Red Lake, ON Steve LeBlanc Red Lake, ON Red Lake Petroleum
45 Mark Hennessey Panora, IW, USA Austin Hennessey Panora, IW, USA
46 Darren Kennedy Dryden, ON Jeremy Kennedy Dryden, ON
47 Greg Haga Winnipeg, MB TBD
48 Ian Henrikson Calgary, AB Travis Henrikson Wabamon, AB Double “P” Adventures
49 Ryley Pace Red Lake, ON Kyle Pace Fort Frances, ON Red Lake Travel
50 Lonnie Lundmark Dryden, ON Carissa Lundmark Dryden, ON KK Penner, Raleigh Falls Timber
51 Keith Kellar Dryden, ON Shannon McKay Dryden, ON
52 Kevin Just Balmertown, ON Steve Just Red Lake, ON Just Mechanical
53 Ed Goulet Red Lake, ON Jenna Goulet Red Lake, ON
54 Brad Anderson Balmertown, ON Candice Pitura Kenora, ON
55 Len Thompson Balmertown, ON Carlo Rea Balmertown, ON
56 Mike Gauthier Red Lake, ON Ken Proskiw Cochenour, ON
57 Dany Grondin Cochenour, ON Jamie Russell Red Lake, ON
58 Robert McConnell Balmertown, ON Lois McConnell Winnipeg, MB
59 Jaime Coulson Red Lake, ON Brad Swanwick Red Lake, ON
60 Brent Nickle Dryden, ON Leann Nickle Dryden, ON Lakeview Contracting
61 Peppi Pace Red Lake, ON Carmen Masi Red Lake, ON
62 Jeff Park Dryden, ON Matt Park Dryden, ON
63 Carl Grondin Red Lake, ON Kristina Grondin Red Lake, ON
64 Dale Hayward Cochenour, ON Pat McMillian MN, USA
65 Tanner McDonald Balmertown, ON Kyle Hamilton Red Lake, ON
66 Aodhan Climie Ear Falls Denis Grenier Ear Falls, ON
67 Jesse Clayfield Red Lake, ON Robyn Clayfield Red Lake, ON Forever Green Gift Boutique
68 Ryan Sawchuk Ear Falls, ON Stewart Ray Ear Falls, ON
69 Bob Uhrina Red Lake, ON Greg Reimer Steinbach, MB Red Lake Marine
70 Rob Nylund Red Lake, ON James Doggett Sioux Lookout, ON
71 Earl Gillis Thunder Bay, ON Sherri Gillis Thunder Bay, ON
72 Trevor White Red Lake, ON Dean Lachapelle Nestor Falls, ON Red Lake Chapel
73 Derek James Red Lake, ON Jeff Kowalchuk Red Lake, ON
74 Todd Mcleod Red Lake, ON Walter Klopik Winnipeg, MB West End
75 Kyle Borup Balmertown, ON Gary Borup Kenora, ON Kal Tire Kenora
76 Chad Berriault Balmertown, ON Travis Berriault Balmertown, ON
77 Bill Spence Red Lake, ON Brian Harding Red Lake, ON
78 Brian Kraft Balmertown, ON Alain Baudry Balmertown, ON
79 Dustin Price Rockwell, IW, USA Theresa Price Rockwell, IW, USA Five Lakes Lodge
80 Scott Lobreau Dryden, ON Mike Mackie Dryden, ON Kupper Contracting, Walters Autobody,

Gadd’s Moving, Sunset Country Realty

81 Mike Cote Dryden, ON Paul Salinas Red Lake, ON
82 Jason Vinet Balmertown, ON Phil Vinet Balmertown, ON
83 Bob Walter Minneapolis, MN, USA Dick Perrault Minneapolis, MN, USA Sparkle Wash
84 Garrett Kocis Balmertown, ON Shaun Bulawka Balmertown, ON
85 Fred Mota Balmertown, ON Darren Haney Balmertown, ON Tangled Hair Design
86 Lloyd Gillis Cochenour, ON Angie Fryklund Cochenour, ON Lakeside Marine, Guertin Equipment
87 Walter Scarrow Balmertown, ON Bill Scarrow Red Lake, ON
88 Lars Andersen Red Lake, ON Lindsay Anaka Red Lake, ON
89 Larry Doggett Thunder Bay, ON Ron Derkacz Thunder Bay, ON
90 Gary Graham Balmertown, ON Denyse Graham Balmertown, ON
91 Matt Howie Balmertown, ON Rod Stamarski Red Lake, ON Carrot Stix
92 Terry Bursey Red Lake, ON Rachelle Steele Red Lake, ON Rimini
93 Paul Newman Thunder Bay, ON Kurt Schultz Thunder Bay, ON
94 Scott McKean Red Lake, ON Fergus Graham Thunder Bay, ON The Standard, Team Banjo Fishing
95 Shawn MacDonald Red Lake, ON Chuck Nerpin Balmertown, ON
96 Martin Hester Red Lake, ON Glen Coulson Ear Falls, ON
97 Mike Litwin Red Lake, ON Chris Fjeldsted Red Lake, ON Viking Electric, Petro-Canada
98 Ian Hamilton Red Lake, ON Alexis Hamilton Red Lake, ON Dr. Colin Knudsen Optometrist
99 Chris Churchill Dryden, ON Tony Ryan Dryden, ON Extra Foods Gas Bar, Carrot Stix
100 Brian Olinik Dryden, ON Larry Russell Dryden, ON
101 Jeff Booth Kenora, ON Hali Carlson Kenora, ON
102 Larry Bumstead Headingley, MB Kathy Bumstead Headingley, MB
103 Terry Harapiak Red Lake, ON Mike Vlassoff Red Lake, ON TJ’s Kwik Stop
104 Ben Jette Balmertown, ON Jesse Bedford Balmertown, ON
105 Lance Little Cochenour, ON Mike Thibodeau Cochenour, ON Backforty Outfitters, NWO Sportsmans Alliance
106 Casey Anderson Red Lake, ON Mike Langtein Balmertown, ON Anderson Electric
107 Guy Shoguchi Oxdrift, ON TBD Skene’s Transfer
108 Greg Dawyduk Winnipeg, MB Dominic Dodic Red Lake, ON
109 Nick Harder Red Lake, ON Brian Caul Dryden, ON
110 Dennis Wintle Dryden, ON TBD
111 Harry Spence McKenzie Island, ON Brandon Spence McKenzie Island, ON Red Lake Marine
112 Michel Lauzon Cochenour, ON Darryl Lamothe Cochenour, ON
113 Bob O’Donohue Ignace, ON Josh Elcheson Ignace, ON
114 Cliff Sutherland Dryden, ON Brian Wintle Dryden, ON St. Croix Rods
115 Tony Shirley Winnipeg, MB Paul Marion Winnipeg, MB
116 Cliff Kennedy East St. Paul, MB Linda Kennedy East St. Paul, MB
117 JP Kennedy East St. Paul, MB TBD
118 Duane Hell Minaki, ON Gary Roach Merrifield, MN, USA Paradise Cove Resort
119 Russell McDonald Dryden, ON Bob St. Aubin Dryden, ON
120 Ron Demeduk Red Lake, ON TBD
121 Robert Yale Winnipeg, MB Douglas Yale Winnipeg, MB
122 Rick Blom Red Lake, ON Jerry McLaughlin Red Lake, ON
123 Jason Rostek Dryden, ON Michelle Rostek Dryden, ON R.B.Rostek Construction Ltd.,

K&A Sports and Tackle

124 Mitchell Corbett Urbandale, IA, USA Matthew Corbett Urbandale, IA, USA
125 Justin McFarling Manitouwadge, ON Miranda McFarling Manitouwadge, ON
126 Thad Naso Cedar Rapids, IA, USA Ken Corbin Longwood, FL, USA Leonardo’s Restaurant
127 Shawn Lappage Barclay, ON Ted Lake Barclay, ON Lappage Tent Rentals
128 Jack Bailey Red Lake, ON Lesley Fulton Red Lake, ON
129 Tyler Potter Dryden, ON Skyler Blanchard Ear Falls, ON
130 Chris Zarecki Ignace, ON Corey Marino Ear Falls, ON