The Red Lake Fall Classic Committee would like to thank the following volunteers for their support & assistance throughout the weekend.

Thank you to all of our volunteers who showed up and helped run this tournament . Liz Harder , Carol Johnston, Gary Lynch, Dan Hill, Rod Harder, Corrine Gignac, Ava Gignac , Ian Cooke , Cori Litwin, Carolyn Kostynuk, Mike Pertoci, Marion Whitton, Holly Stamarski, Frank McWhinnie, Ron Parks, Richard Cameron, Kaleb Anderson, Mason Gallagher, Ben Norlock, Tyson Marion, Paxton White, RJ Radford, Dawson Doyle, Owen Gignac , Carly Harpiak, Red Lake Miners Hockey Team, Steven St.Jean, Erin Litwin, Red Lake Rams Hockey Team, Colin Meekis, Hugh Moncrief Jr., Pat Boucha, Big Jake, Nick Harder, Sherry McCoy, the Connolly boys, Spencer, Quinn C., Justin , Quinn B., Gilbert St.Vincent, Jamie McArthur, the Glaziers and Greg ODonnell.

It really does take a village to accommodate all our anglers for the weekend, and it takes work throughout the entire year in order to make this tournament even possible. Thank you to all our anglers that come and fish it year after year, you are all so important to us and we enjoy seeing you all so much! ⭐️ Thank you to all our sponsors ;

Thank you everyone for your dedication and support!

Committee Members

Liz Harder (Chair)

Carol Johnston

Corrine Harding

Gary Lynch

Ian Cooke

Dan Hill